"Burning Ring(s) of Fire" on the Iron Range or "Prove Your Metal"

Much has been made of the Minnesota Discovery Center (formerly Ironworld) and its efforts to find footing after the community heritage and entertainment venue reopened last May after an abrupt closure in 2009. I’ll say this, they are finding some low cost ways to connect with the Iron Range community. The Art in the Park live music series has been a big hit, and now they’re trying a creative new contest for artists and metalworkers.

The Ultimate Fire Ring Competition Begins!

CHISHOLM, Minn. – Minnesota Discovery Center is seeking entries for the first-ever Ultimate Fire Ring competition, an event that will showcase the talents of northeastern Minnesota’s welders, fabricators and metal artists.

The Ultimate Fire Ring competition was designed to recognize craftsmanship, industrial arts and the enduring tradition of the campfire.

The competition will be based on votes cast by Minnesota Discovery Center guests October 5 through November 3. All entries will be on display at the museum, and all fire rings will be auctioned and/or raffled as a fundraiser for Minnesota Discovery Center arts and education programming. The winning fire ring will be on display through the winter.

The competition’s format, guidelines and other details are available at mndiscoverycenter.com or by calling 218-254-1220.

That’s right; a competition for people who superheat metals and form them into objects, in this case rings that HOLD FIRE. That’s a win. And you know this will end with fire: Sweet, controlled, ready-to-stare-at-while-drinking-beer fire.


  1. Might help if they would advertise in the local papers. How are we supposed to know about stuff that isn’t advertised a bit wider than just at the very location of the event. Just saying.

  2. The MDC is pretty much broke for time being, so extensive advertising is difficult. They’re trying to get the word out through channels to the kinds of folks who’d be interested in the contest. I expect the papers will do stories eventually, but hard to say. They’re in sorrier shape.

  3. I want to see them actually making those fire rings. Could they possibly have firebreathing too? That advertising would pay for itself!

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