Dr. Oz getting Embarrass(ed) right now

I forget to mention the Embarrass Fair going on now in Embarrass, Minnesota, the lowland intersection between the Mesabi and Vermilion ranges. Right now at the Timber Hall the famous TV Dr. Oz, or at least his crew, will be at the fair filming people asking “embarrassing” medical questions. Ha ha! Embarrassed in Embarrass! The Timberjay has the story.

Dr. Oz won’t be there, so don’t “follow the yellow brick road” or you might get your hopes dashed.

As a longtime pun enthusiast I get the reason Oz sent his crew to Embarrass. What the producers fail to realize though is that not only is Embarrass in the Midwest, where people don’t say “poop” without blushing, it’s on the Iron Range. Here men and women learn at a young age to bury their feelings in a place deep, deep down below, and accept the resulting cancer. The best this crew is going to get is “If I punch you in the face, will you cry?” Or at least that’s my prediction. My other prediction is that the crew will opt for the hard liquor upgrade on the Duluth to Chicago flight tonight. We’ll see!


  1. Wish I had been there. I’d probably have told them my medical issue is that we need to raise taxes on dilettantes who fly around the country attempting to exploit the common folk for profit. Then we need to take those taxes and give Medicare to everyone, common folk first.

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