In which my shocking party affiliation is revealed

The internet is littered with link bait and spam sites, robot-generated content that mindlessly spews random (usually stolen) content. But one of these sites is good for a laugh. “Voter Factory” allows you to search a person’s name and hometown and find out if they are a Democrat or Republican. I was shocked to learn my true nature:

If I had to guess I’d say that this a site that got a bunch of voter data, names and addresses, and then randomly assigned party affiliation. I did some searching and found several names of “known partisans” that were occasionally correct, but often totally wrong. The site is selling(?) a Facebook app to determine the party leanings of your “friends.” Strange. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this.

Then again, maybe this site knows something we don’t. Is half the population waiting for a latent party switch to take hold of its sensibilities? Do I have a Palinmania tumor growing deep inside me, waiting for just the right amount of imagined socialism to set off a spell that ends with me making homemade signs about taxes and buying more guns than I would otherwise need? Only time will tell. Stay tuned! Oh, I am so hot on politics right now. So hot.


  1. Charles Marohn says

    Congratulations. Facebook thinks highly of you. Welcome to the GOP. We’re a big tent.

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