Look! In the skies above Minnesota: The Blog Signal

As we speak I’m making plans to attend the first ever, (FREE!) Minnesota Blogger Conference in Minneapolis on Sept. 11, 2010. I usually don’t leave the wooded highlands of the Iron Range, except for court dates, speaking gigs and the procurement of rare goods and sundries. Conferences are the sort of thing I avoid, preferring to burn old boxes in my driveway while pretending that the can of Diet Coke in my hand is really a cigarette.

But this conference is different. My wife Christina, the Northern Cheapskate, is presenting at the conference and I will be accompanying her. The Minnesota Blogger Conference was put together by some Minnesota bloggers who thought it’d be a good idea for all the people in the state who so routinely communicate online to actually meet one another and share ideas. This conference is designed to have something for all bloggers, regardless of genre. For instance, my blog is a mix of creative writing, politics and Iron Range observations. I’ll be interested in some of the sessions on blog writing style and design. Christina, a frugal living blogger whose blog is a business, will be part of the panel discussing how to make money off your blog. She also just moved her blog to WordPress and there are several sessions on how to make that work. I’ll be going through a redesign myself soon, though I am sticking with Google’s free hosting for now.

I’d like to invite all bloggers, but particularly my fellow Minnesota political, news and culture bloggers to sign up. This isn’t about echoing a particular opinion, rather just an opportunity to share a craft and lifestyle that — if you’re like me — often must be explained to perplexed older neighbors and relatives.

More at www.mnbloggerconference.com or at the Twitter hash #mnblogconf.

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