MN Primary 2010: perched atop the map

It’s primary election day in Minnesota!

First, just go vote. Second, the DFL gubernatorial contest, the most competitive and highest profile race on the ballot today, should provide ample drama as it rolls to its climax. Tonight’s result will answer many questions and distribute the labels of genius and chump to all manner of people, including myself. That’s the fun of writing about politics. I’ve been trying to stop but I can’t. It’s a problem. I need help.

Margaret Anderson Kelliher was up north in Grand Rapids as part of her Monday statewide tour. I shot some shaky Flip Cam footage of this but my satellite internet uploads decent video at one hour per minute. (Downloads are fine, but this is indeed why I always rail on rural broadband). At 12 minutes, I decided the video was too much effort for the yield. Featuring State Reps. John Persell (DFL-Bemidji) and Tom Anzelc (DFL-Balsam Township) along with U.S. Sen. Al Franken and former Vice President Walter Mondale, it was a compact, energetic program marred only by a fog delay. Mark Dayton made an appearance at Hibbing Taconite as part of his statewide tour. Dayton is counting on name recognition and Steelworker backing. Matt Entenza has been up north many times this campaign, but was focused on the Twin Cities on the last full day. Entenza has pockets of support throughout the Range and Duluth, but the region will likely break for Dayton or Anderson Kelliher. Stay tuned! I’ll be offering small observations on Twitter, @minnesotabrown.

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