Range roller derby team to thump girls from other towns

Today I am confronted with two alarming facts:

  1. Minnesota is home to a roller derby league reviving the all-female rollerskating battle sport phenomenon from the 1970s.
  2. The Iron Range DOES NOT have a team in this league.

Well, we DIDN’T until I discovered this, the recruitment page for the Iron Range Maidens. (link expired; go here now) They need 20 women roller athletes and all manner of coaches, equipment managers and referees. These can be guys. Lucky guys. Or maybe not. I really don’t know. It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time!

They’re running this on “flat track,” as the inclined roller derby rinks of the old days are cumbersome and cost-prohibitive. The Maidens will operate out of Grand Rapids, it appears, but I’m sure they’ll take team members from anywhere in the Taconite Tax Relief Area. Other teams in the league include Duluth/Superior, Bemidji, Fargo/Moorhead and two teams from Minneapolis.

Added bonus: Women who participate create an alternate persona for themselves. (eg: Missy Thumpskull).

Here’s the explanatory video from the site. It is exactly what you would expect and yet you will still watch it.

Join today, ladies!


  1. We have a banked track league in Los Angeles. Loads of fun. Pretty hard hitting.

  2. Lita Floored - Iron Range Maidens says

    Thank you for the press and support!

  3. There’s actually one league in Minneapolis (the North Star Roller Girls) and one in Saint Paul (Minnesota RollerGirls). The Minnesota RollerGirls are playing in the WFTDA Championships in Chicago the first weekend in November!

  4. As a female I am not sure what to think about this. Is it actually a bunch of women trying to get into shape, have fun and better themselves? OR, it is a bunch of women who need something in their lives to give an expression of boldness, “tuff” girl, skimpy clothing and attitude? Either way, I guess if it makes them happy, why not! GO GIRLS…I guess??!!

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