Trite ships loiter in Duluth harbor, remain awesome

Tall ships dock at the harbor of Duluth, Minnesota!

The tall ships are wooden sailing vessels with towering masts and an old timey feel. They are not pirate ships; rather, they hearken a bygone day when ships like these often sunk in poor weather, and/or facilitated the harpooning of whales. Many ships like these are at the bottom of oceans or lakes, but these ones float. Thus, the $17 fee to board the ships is ironic, only because it is fully understandable.

I was in Duluth and Superior for a rare media outreach on Friday and my wife and I decided to walk down to look at the tall ships. It was raining, but thousands of people came anyway. These ships are truly impressive examples of an important human development, ships that go a long way and usually float. You have to understand that the Iron Range and its surrounding environs are subject to the whims of the Duluth media market. In Duluth, tall ships are the new Congdon murders, without the murder. They are HOT. Radio stations report on every move of the tall ships, as does the local newspaper. Tall Ships! In Duluth until Tuesday, Aug. 3!

(Actually they are pretty cool).

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