Carp czar risks assassination by bullhead-sheviks

I’m still getting hot-off-the-press media dispatches from the pro-lock and dam, anti-carp, pro-common sense, anti-bureaucracy lobby, which opposes Asian carp to the degree which it affects shipping on the Great Lakes. CONFUSION IS PEACE! Seriously, Asian carp may soon invade the Great Lakes, which is hella bad considering how just one Asian carp can fly and eat more freshwater fish in one day than a person can legally catch in a long weekend. Also bad, disruption of commerce!

The Obama administration has apparently appointed a carp director, who is a human and not a carp, which prompted this cartoon shared generously by lock-and-dam interests:

I am more alarmed that the Asian carp are aware of the concept of taxation. That can’t be good. Can we all agree that giant fish capable of engaging in dialogue are a universal threat?

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