Click on this airport post to increase your enreadments

Headline: “Enplanements keep rising.” This is from a Hibbing Daily Tribune story about how one (!) additional passenger flew out of Hibbing’s Range Regional Airport in August compared to July. Now, the news itself is unremarkable, maybe even good in these economic times. But feel free to let your mind work over the wordplay for a while.

I wrote 39 posts here in August, as compared to 32 in July. Therefore I would like to point out that my enblogments are outpacing the airport’s enplanements by seven-fold. If the airport commission would like to hire me as a consultant to explain how I did this, I am available.

Personally, after having spent 10 hours at O’Hare International trying to get back to HIB I am leaning toward upping my endrivements. But that’s a personal enchoicement.


  1. not gonna lie, this post is kind of en-lame-ment

  2. Kudos for following the form.

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