Empire past

David Schneider writes at 3quarksdaily about how maps don’t mean what they used to. That’s a very simplistic way of describing a strong, creative piece exploring a changing world. He writes about Brooklyn. I’m working on the Iron Range version of this, which is weighed down by a lot of haul truck references and, thus, remains incomplete. There are some great lines in here:

The realtors are kind and quick: the economy has ground to a halt, and people don’t move as much. We shuffle through angles of space, blank canvases. This is uncharted territory. Neither of us wants the realtor to know that we don’t know that we don’t know what we want.


We redraw the past to fit our maps.

and my favorite

The past of the mind is an empire. It is a great weight to bear.

Read Schneider’s piece. Fate and free will, time and space. That’s what colors my perspective these days. I should probably take up stock car racing instead. Politics is not working for me.

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