(Fe)eeling good about this upcoming (Fe)st

The Minnesota Discovery Center in Chisholm is doing a big fall shindig to celebrate some of the popular local bands from the summer “Art in the Park” series. Anyone looking for some Sunday evening fun on the Iron Range should check out IronFest.

See what they did there. Iron, with “fest.” My suggestion would have been to call it FeFest, “Fe” being the periodic table abbreviation for iron. But this is also good, I guess.

Minnesota Discovery Center announces fall concert, “IronFest”
CHISHOLM, Minn. — Minnesota Discovery Center in Chisholm announces a fall concert featuring three of the area bands who performed during the facility’s popular summer music series “Art in the Park.”

The concert, proposed as an annual event, has been dubbed IronFest, and will be held Sunday, September 26, from 5-9 p.m. Featured bands are Slapshot, Colmekill and Fifth Floor. Concert admission is $5.

“We’re very excited and honored to be able to work again with these great performers,” said Tammy Jensen, Minnesota Discovery Center Engagements and Events Manager. “They’ve been great partners with us through the summer and we’re happy to welcome them back for this special event.”

Slapshot includes band members Ben Quirk on lead guitar, drummer Marty Gensler, Nathan Rutchasky, vocals and guitar and Tim Sheppard on bass, playing your favorite rock, metal and blues songs. Slapshot’s members hail from the Chisholm-Hibbing area. Colmekill was formed a few years ago when most of the band members were still in high school. Some of their songs have been termed “radio friendly,” while others have progressive and metal sounds. Colmekill members hail from the Eveleth area and include Nate Willman on vocals, Gary McKeever, shredder, Tony Farley, rhythm, Mick Maraccini, bass and Kyle Johnson on drums. Fifth Floor band members are from Hibbing and play progressive/metal and rock music. Their members are lead vocalist T.J. Renskers, Pete Martin on lead guitar, Matt Duffney, rhythm guitar/vocals, Lee Ralidak on bass guitar and Fred Kiesel on drums.

“Everyone who attends IronFest will get to hear great rock music that showcases the amazing talent of our local musicians.” Jensen said. “This event is part of the Community Arts programming we’re building here at Minnesota Discovery Center, and we’re hoping to see a good turn-out in support of these bands. “

Food and beverage service will be available during the event. Event admission is available at the gate the night of the event only. Call 218-254-1223 or visit mndiscoverycenter.com for more information.


  1. I’m confused about this IronFest name. What does iron have to do with Minnesota Discovery Center?

  2. Ha! Well played, Travis.

  3. The “iron” in ironfest is there because the minnesota discovery center is in Chisholm which is part of the iron range. If you still don’t understand than please seek help from a medical proffesional.

  4. I think Travis’s comment was a sarcastic turn on the MDC’s name change last year, removing mention of the Iron Range from the title. But I coiled be wrong. Sarcasm is hard to translate on these pu-tars.

  5. Yeah, what Aaron said. But just to be safe, I’m calling my doctor today!

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