Iron ore + innovation = corvettes (also jobs?)

An Iron Range mining project has been featured in The Street, a Wall Street business publication. Here’s the lede:

Keith Busse, the CEO and one of the founders of Steel Dynamics, owns the world’s second largest collection of corvettes. In fact, Busse set up his corvette garage, which contains 60 of the classic Chevrolet sports cars, as a museum, and situated it directly across the street from Steel Dynamics HQ — the better, perhaps, to jump into a Stingray and put it through its paces should the desire ever overtake him while sitting behind his desk.

Yes, that’s the lede. Buried a couple graphs down is the fact that this dude may be buying even more corvettes after Steel Dynamic’s Mesabi Nugget plant in Hoyt Lakes, Minn., ramps up even more, giving Busse’s company the vertical integration it needs to thrive. Pig iron on the Range, and such, which is not as hot to write about as corvettes. The rest of it is worth a read if you’re interested.

I feel … I feel good right now. Real good about our local prospects. No misgivings whatsoever about the tone of this article, especially all the corvettes. We are in total control (breathing, breathing). Everything is OK. Right?

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