Is this prudent policy on prurient pay-per-view? P’shaw!

Here’s something interesting. Commissioners in Winona County in southeastern Minnesota have voted 4-0 to ban county employees from staying in hotels that OFFER pay-per-view porn movies. (One commissioner “abstained” — HA HA). Bear in mind that purchasing such movies has always been against the rules, but now everyone who works for the county has to call the Marriott to ask if they have porn. “No, no, I don’t WANT porn. I just want to know if it’s there. No, no. It’s not like that, really. No, it’s not for me, but, my boss … uh, do you have porn? I need to know.”

It’s almost enough to drive a conscientious county worker to the hotel bar after work hours to get drunk, fornicate with a consenting stranger and smoke a pack of Lucky’s in the parking lot. Fortunately, this is still allowed. But it better not show up on the expense report, understand?


  1. Range observer says

    Really, who cares if a county employee watches a porn flick, as long as they’re not doing it on the county dime?

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