Lake, Cook counties to see broadband to all homes

Lake and Cook counties in Northeastern Minnesota will receive millions in funding to create a publicly-owned network of broadband internet access for all their households. (Note: Link is to a private company’s press release). News items like this will continue to circulate as federal grants surrounding rural broadband start circulating outward from Washington, but I thought this was particularly notable. First, these are very rural counties along the North Shore/Arrowhead of Minnesota. Each has a centralized county seat that holds much of the population, but the growth of these counties are in the desirable, low-population areas outside the towns. High speed internet is a HUGE selling point for new entrepreneurs, business owners and creative professionals.

I must again remind you, this story is about Lake and Cook counties. I remember a story from a few years ago where a dude got tired of waiting for the government up in this neighborhood and MADE HIS OWN ROAD. If my memory serves people still drive on this road. (Another note: if you also remember this and can refresh my memory, please do). My point is that if Lake and Cook can handle this, so can Aitkin, Itasca, Koochiching and St. Louis. Northeastern Minnesota can sell itself as an economic destination, for freaking once, if it gets this right. We better hurry before the sod people start getting the same idea. (No disrespect, sod people).

More Huey, less hooey.

UPDATE: Business North carries MPR’s story on this.


  1. Aaron, it is exciting news. And it covers Eastern St. Louis County as well! Hopefully your house is in the target area!

  2. Unfortunately, no. I’m over across the line in northeastern Itasca Co. When I first read the press release I was excited because I thought it said “Lake Country” as in our power cooperative … we are in “Lake Country,” but not “Lake County.” 🙂

  3. I keep hoping that I can find a reasonable alternative to dial up, especially now that the accelerator I was using is no longer available. [Using a different one now.] Somebody (Qwest??) put in new cables all along Hwy 53 this summer. Do you know what this is about? I’m a mile from Hwy 53, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed but not hold my breath. My friends with satelite internet aren’t satisfied with that service, saying it is getting slower all the time.

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