Look inside the Mesabi machine

Hello, traveler. You’ve located a blog about the Iron Range in northern Minnesota. Stay! Stay!

Peek inside the machinery. See the wonderful gears turn like fingers of the gods. It is magic, magic I say!

In olden days Iron Rangers lived and died never seeing the powerful pen flicks and filed papers that controlled their very livelihood. Now Google news alerts have pried up the rotten board, exposing the teeming masses of insects and grubs. This information was intended for others! What will happen next?


  1. I don’t get what this is about – peak inside the machine led me to a report on MSB… what the heck

  2. It’s high art. Maybe too high, or maybe just not that good.

    The stock fluctuations of things like the MSB are indicators of economic factors that control the pace and direction of mining, thus the economic future of the Iron Range. Some of the impending mining lease decisions in this region could have major influence on what happens here.

    Shazaam! Yeah, I guess it was a lame attempt. But maybe it’ll help the MSB stock price.

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