Making the moves

Scene: a northern Minnesota McDonald’s Play Place. My son George, 3, approaches a similarly aged girl outside the tube slide.

GEORGE: “We’re going to Wal-Mart next.”

GIRL: (stares blankly)

GEORGE: (points to coat) “This is my coat.”

GIRL: (stares blankly)

GEORGE: “Do you like my coat?”

GIRL: (pauses) “We’re at the McDonald’s.”

GEORGE: Yeah. (long pause, walks back to me) Dad, I talked to a girl!

That’s my boy! The sad truth is that if I wasn’t happily married this is EXACTLY how I would pick up women. Or try, anyway.


  1. Most of my conversations with women are along the same lines, except the “We’re at McDonald’s” line is said with much more angst, because it’s a date and I’ve taken them there to eat.

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