Broadband projects suggest great potential in northern Minnesota

Google Twin Ports, the group of interests trying to attract the internet giant’s experimental fiber project to Duluth, Minnesota, and Superior, Wisconsin, touts recent broadband developments as signs that the region might place high on Google’s list. Check out the message sent to the Google Twin Port’s e-mail list.

One of the interesting thing about the post is how it’s starting to look like high speed internet is really going to reach the remote corners of northern Minnesota one way or the other. The issue I keep stressing, though, is that getting high speed internet last doesn’t help us nearly as much as getting out ahead of the trend. We’re starting out in this whole thing in last place, with broadband penetration far lower and underused than it should be for an area like ours. If developing businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs and independents see this region setting the pace, we could change our fortunes. Unlike other regions, we have the political capital and economic development capital to make a full court press. Take heed, leaders, and especially you, voter.


  1. Thanks for the mention Aaron. At this rate, Lake and Cook counties will be first, and leading the nation in this effort. My hope is once people get a glimpse of the speed up North, everyone will be hoping on the bandwagon. If fiber doesn’t spread fast, Lake County might be looking at a bunch of new residents, myself included.

  2. unfortunately hibbing will be one of the last to get high speed at a fair price…qwest and mediacom continue to raise prices for 1.5 and 5 meg service …no requiring a two year commitment at higher prices

  3. yes, qwest is no deal..and wandering speeds…just resigned with mediacom for 19.95/month 12 meg hopefully

    wonder what speeds the new fiber will bring and what it will cost?

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