My secret project is not-so-secret trend

The New York Times Book Review has a story (“All Programs Considered” by Bill McKibben) that fits nicely, perhaps too nicely, with thoughts I have been having lately about the direction of my writing and media projects.

You know that this blog and my columns, essays and book, are professional in that I am sometimes paid, but mostly would fall into the category of a hobby. I am a college teacher by trade, formerly a journalist. But I have great passion for my writing. I see my work here tied to my belief in public service and the arts, and am resolving to step up my game as I gradually move into the less adorable part of my 30s. It’s that or politics. Frankly, longtime readers have probably witnessed the progression of my thoughts on politics move to a rather dark place. Further, the political lifestyle, which I understand all too well, is wholly incompatible with my family. I can do as much or more with the pen; I can do it here on the Iron Range; and so I will.

So read this story about public radio programs and podcasts. Radio was once written off for dead, but now has an even brighter future than newspapers or perhaps even blogs. The reason is because radio is a multi-tasking medium. People can take radio with them, put the sounds directly into their heads through electronic devices, and continue doing anything else they want. Radio is intimate and, for good or bad, continues to shape our culture. My first media job was in radio. Some of my best work was in radio. It’s time to come home. More on this later. Some big changes to my routine, and thus this blog and my other writing, are coming in the new year.

(h/t for the NYT story, 3quarksdaily)


  1. Interesting! Hope to hear more soon.

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