Northern Minnesota political series on the way

I’m still trying to find the right voice and posting frequency here on MinnesotaBrown. The blog will be an important part of some new radio/internet projects I’m exploring for 2011, but for now I’m still deciding the right mix of political commentary, regional news and my ramblings as a typical internet blather-lord. It’s a strange cocktail, I know, but there are a few hundred of you out there reading this every day so I’ll keep going.

I have been limiting my specific commentary on Minnesota politics since the primary because I’ve been trying to decide how I actually feel about it. I’ll be running a series in the next couple weeks on some of the key races from northern Minnesota, including the newly-discovered intrigue over the Jim Oberstar-Chip Cravaack race in MN-08. I’ll also have some final thoughts on the governor’s race and a few other contests.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my not posting every little You Tube, poll and talking point that’s been pressure-packed into my e-mail inbox these last few months. That’s my gift to you, reader.

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