Oberstar, Cravaack to debate Tuesday morning

With all the new attention heaped upon the Minnesota 8th Congressional District race between Rep. Jim Oberstar and Chip Cravaack, you might be interested a Tuesday morning debate between the two candidates.

The showdown is Tuesday at 8 a.m. You know, “the debate hour.” Everybody’s fresh. Should be good.

The Duluth News Tribune debate is sponsored by St. Luke’s and the Duluth Chamber of Commerce. You can watch it live on “DNTV,” whatever that is. I assume it’s a feed on their website.

This is a big opportunity for Cravaack to close the gap among independents and wavering Democrats and for Oberstar to shut down Cravaack’s challenge. There is also an equal or greater chance that this debate won’t change much. Make sure your coffee mug is full before you dive into this thing. I’ll try to watch and comment on Tuesday.

I posted a two part analysis of this race last week.

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