The gales of November are not kidding this time

TYWKIWDBI reports on the massive winds of yesterday’s storms in the middle of the country, including this NOAA graphic of waves on Lake Superior. Shipping companies pulled all the ore ships off the lake out of deference to the storied “Gales of November” made famous by sinking the legendary SS Edmund Fitzgerald in 1975. Those purple areas indicate 20-25 waves! (Projected, not likely actual).

You should check out the post, where access to Gordon Lightfoot’s popular song about the sinking of the Fitz has been made available. I have long desired a bluegrass version of The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, with the uptempo banjo chords playing a sadly ironic turn on the lyrics. I have since given up on the remote possibility of me ever learning to play the banjo and, thus, give this idea to the internet. If you can make it happen all I ask is that you let me license the song for a future project I have in mind.

Winds are still strong in northern Minnesota. Watch for trees, fellow woods people.

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