Brown in the big city

I had a great day speaking to employees at Minnesota Public Radio in St. Paul today for their staff Conversations with Community series. My topic was the Iron Range. My goal, as always, was to express how life here on today’s Iron Range is a complicated, almost literary existence, full of frustration and defeat, hope and possibility.

There is more to come.


  1. Is this going to be broadcast on MPR?

  2. I wish, but no it was part of their internal lecture series for employees. Right now they’re working through the geographic areas of the state, with me being the ambassador of the Range. May have talked myself into a commentary gig, though. To be determined.

  3. John Sylvester says

    This is great. I’m exciting to hear how it went.

  4. I’m definitely rooting for you getting an MPR commentary gig! You do a awesome job, and anything that expands MPR reporters’ rolodexes for political commentary beyond Larry Jacobs and Steven Schier is all to the good.

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