In Bemidji, Larry the Cable Guy completes notable task

Redneck, blue collar, and white sock comedian Larry the Cable Guy performed in Bemidji in north central Minnesota last night. Comedians wander through Minnesota all the time but I did enjoy this Facebook video of Larry the Cable Guy giving the daily announcements at Bemidji High School on Tuesday. At BHS students produce the daily announcements in a newscast format. Jade Hovet, the young woman who anchored the piece, did fine work as Larry’s foil, nabbing herself a highly useful clip for the ol’ resume tape.

Larry apparently spent a whole day making public appearances around Bemidji, including serving the tacos at the school cafeteria. Not sure if this is standard operating procedure for Larry’s road show but it is fun regardless. And yes, also, git… (sigh) Git ‘r done.


  1. I feel bad for him, as his redneck stand-up act started out as a character, but so many people think it’s the real him that he’s kind of stuck doing that accent and shtick forever. He seems like a very nice guy, though, so more power to him. He seems to enjoy it.

  2. Yeah, there’s a Kaufman quality to him now, not knowing whether he’s serious or not. I think he’s pretty self-aware of his predicament which is why I still like him. But I don’t like the elements of his fan base who think that he’s some kind of messiah telling them how to act in public. That’s not his fault, though.

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