Longtime mustachioed Range, Duluth anchor to retire

Longtime news anchor Dennis Anderson of WDIO/WIRT, the ABC affiliate in the Duluth, MN, TV market (northern Minnesota and Wisconsin) announced he will retire in the next six months or so. This according to a story from my mentor Mike Simonson of Wisconsin Public Radio in Superior.

Anderson is a solid regional journalist with a deep understanding of the Iron Range and Duluth. It’s not unreasonable to compare him to a local Walter Cronkite, a figure who people from around here just inherently trust when he speaks. And he’s got a mustache and a hairpiece, both big, bushy and beautiful and there will never be another like this. Never.

Anderson has earned his retirement, but this market has not yet earned the ability to replace him.


  1. Too many losses this season to endure the retirement of such a great anchor! Denny is the best.nospin

  2. Yes, he is great. I’ve heard that he treats the young employees quite well. They seem to grow and bloom under his care. And most don’t stay very long because, quite frankly, they are not well paid. I’ve got this info from a connected source.

  3. The Walter Cronkite of the Range, indeed.

    I look at Dennis as one of the few real journalists in the local TV market. He may be the only real journalist.

    Case in point on election night: the Northland NewsCenter folks drank up all the Kool-Aid served at the Oberstar party, and had the gall to suggest the race was over in Oberstar’s favor. As far as I know, no other media outlet made that call.

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