Two Range races fall to the old guard

Well, my attempt to have Sarah Palin-like influence over local Iron Range races has failed, just like it mostly did for Palin. Lorrie Janatopoulos lost to incumbent Keith Nelson in St. Louis County Commissioner Dist. 6. Liz Kuoppala lost in the Eveleth mayor’s race to former mayor Robert Vlaisavljevich. These are unfortunate losses for the Range, and largely emblematic of some of the demographic stagnation I see on the Iron Range. More later. I’m saying “more later” a lot this morning. It’s going to be a long day.

Across the Range, it looks like the candidates who would have functioned best in the 1970s have done the best in this election.


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  2. A whole lot of Rangers are stuck in the ’70s.

  3. The Iron Range is still a very sexist place. I voted against Nelson to no avail. I didnt vote for Liz though…in speaking to her she just seemed a bit abrasive and egotistical. I made a suggestion that I thought would be a good idea for Eveleth and she dismissed it as if I was an errant child. So I didnt vote for her. Done and done.

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