Footage of Metrodome collapse

Here’s exclusive Fox Sports video of the Metrodome collapsing from the inside.

Minnesotans seem torn on whether this will ultimately send the Vikings into a new stadium or to Los Angeles for a boatload of money and a new name. Then again, they could go the Lakers route and just keep the Minnesota-specific name for no good reason. L.A. Vikings, what the hell. Why not? The real vikings would have gotten to L.A. eventually, were it not for their gradual adoption of modern religious values and the introduction of farming. With those things waning what the hell. What the hell, indeed.

Or maybe the Vikings will stay. Right? Yes, this is possible. 

As you can see the snow that came pouring into the Dome was that dang powder snow common to blizzards. You can’t build snowmen, it doesn’t stay in place when you plow it, it’s freezing cold and always finds its way around scarves and hoods.

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