Good thing we can explain this

There’s a total lunar eclipse tonight to go along with the gorgeous but haunting yellow moon I saw over the treeline on the northwestern horizon this early morning. I was out on the country road by our house in northern Minnesota waiting for the bus with my kindergartner who was seeing his first yellow moon. I didn’t have the camera with so I went online and found the closest thing I could for the picture here. (My NY Existence, from a post about yellow things).

The lunar eclipse will be at 1:41 a.m. CST Tuesday, I am told, which means I’ll have to DVR it. Doesn’t the moon know it’s a school night?

A lunar eclipse on the winter solstice. Seems important somehow, even though it happens fairly often. Just like life. Ah.


  1. Although lunar eclipses are pretty common, one hasn’t occurred on the winter solstice in almost 500 years. For some reason, that makes me think of Druids. Are there any on the Range?

  2. Jeez, I thought for some stupid reason that the winter solstice would be a logical time for there to be an eclipse. There’s me, showing my bias toward my specific location on earth again.

    Anyway, no druids that I’m aware of, unless you count their descendants — which would be the rabble that picked away at the Roman Empire through the years and eventually ended up crossing the ocean for America. But practicing druids, no. It does seem like a very significant thing, though, doesn’t it?

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