How does it feel, to be somewhat older than before?

The Wall Street Journal poses the question “Should Bob Dylan retire?” The Duluth native and Hibbing-raised musician is a favorite here as I help coordinate Dylan Days in Hibbing and have long been a fan of the man’s songwriting and songs, particularly his 1965-1975 catalog.

This is not the first time we’ll be asking such questions, once answered solely by a person’s choice and whether they could still earn a living in their chosen vocation. (And the story is worth a click, if only to see the photo series of other aging stars). No, now it’s about the idea of Dylan retiring more than whether or not the man has shot his vocal chords from years of touring. If Bob Dylan can age so too can the generation that has claimed him as their mascot. If petulant youngsters of my generation can push Bob Dylan to the exit, then they can push you to the exit, too, mature person who does not like to be called grandpa or grandma.

This started with the hair dye ads. It will not end well.


  1. That’s a pretty stupid question. He’s an artist. There’s no such thing as “retiring” for artists, unless they die. It’s like asking if you or I will “retire” from writing at some point. We’re writers and enjoy it, so there’s no such thing.

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