Iron Range Resources: let the light shine in

It bears mentioning every time I find myself in complete and total agreement with a Bill Hanna editorial in the Mesabi Daily News. The Iron Range Resources agency needs reform, a refocusing on quantifiable results, and increased transparency.

Iron Range Resources is a difficult agency to explain to outsiders, many of whom think it’s just a regional pot of money for entrenched political interests. At it’s worst that’s what it can become. At its best it is a most unique and forward-thinking organization for diversifying the economy of a mining region that won World War II, built modern America and continues to greatly influence the state economy as a whole.

The people of the Range are ready to work. Are our leaders willing to lead?


  1. so who *should* lead IRR? Mr. Hanna is positioning himself against anyone coming from within the current board structure, but isn’t offering much for rationale (or for alternatives).

    “our leaders” might be ready to lead, but his editorial implies that they’re all unfit.

    (No argument against the 2nd half of the ed, regarding increased transparency).

  2. That’s a great question. I suppose I was responding most to the 2nd half as well. Those liaison meetings are terrible. I don’t know of a candidate who would meet Bill’s list that would A) not represent some kind of technical exception — all folks are connected around here, or B) someone Bill would find abhorrent for other reasons. I was so flabbergasted to find myself in agreement with him on something that I probably didn’t think that through.

    I’m not picky where our leaders, or the commissioner, come from so long as they are able and willing to extract themselves from the agency’s past follies and step up for what will be a rowdy four years. 

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