Spreading link love outside the metro

I heard from a new blogger in Chisago County, Minnesota, running a site called Fiefdom Politics. She seems to focus on local and regional issues in the southern part of Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District. I can’t promise I’ll do this every time I hear from someone but there are so few blogs focusing on northern Minnesota and non-metro issues that I like to mention new ones when I can.

I’m biased, but it’s important for people outside the population centers of this country to get involved on the internet and demand attention for issues important to our communities. So much of the internet is similar people of similar opinions and lifestyles talking to each other. Whether it’s a good liberal blog like Bluestem Prairie or a conservative one like Small City Mayor, a Range-based creative outlet like Mesabi Misadventures or a niche blog like my friend C.O.’s Alaska-based What’s in the Shop, it’s important that people know that there’s a world outside of the 494/694 box where life is different, some would say better. OK, I would say better. But that’s just me.

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