A Prairie Home Companion seeks new host?

Garrison Keillor has benched himself as tonight’s “A Prairie Home Companion” program host. Folk musician Sara Watkins will take his place. Keillor will make appearances in sketches and perform his customary “News from Lake Wobegon” monologue, however. Speculation is that Watkins is getting a tryout as Keillor mulls retirement in the next year, though the show seems to be denying that.

Folks around here know for a while I’ve been joking … OK, sort of joking that I’d like that gig for myself. In this Star Tribune story, though, Keillor seems to be saying he wants a musician, not a storyteller, to succeed him.

Music? It is my Achilles Heel.

My Achilles Heel flat.


… see, even my music humor is bad.

Sigh. Looks like we’re back to the podcast/public radio show idea I’ve been mulling. I think I can get the Paulucci Space Theatre in Hibbing. I’ve done two very strange little live shows there already in my career. We can do a night sky show after each episode, that is if they’ve replaced the bulb in the star thing.

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