Hibbing college to host only 5B primary forum Wednesday

By now you’re well aware of my coverage of the House 5B special election. As part of my day job at Hibbing Community College I am faculty co-advisor to Student Senate. The students are holding a forum for the DFL Primary candidates and another one later for the general election candidates. Here is the press release:

Hibbing Community College will be hosting a HCC Student Senate DFL Primary Forum on Wednesday, January 26, at 2:00 p.m. in HCC’s room L-10.

The event will be a 90-minute forum featuring six to eight questions. The moderator will be HCC Student Senate President Tabatha Jauhola. All five DFL candidates for House District 5B have been invited. A separate forum will be held at a later date for the general election featuring the DFL primary winner and the GOP and IP nominees.

HCC Student Senate members will be writing the questions, so expect some talk about higher education and jobs. However, it will be a wide-ranging forum including other issues relevant to House District 5B. This will quite likely be the only forum held before the primary; we hope you can attend. 

Because of my involvement in the organization of this forum on Wednesday I won’t be offering any commentary on its outcome. The winners are the people of 5B and the losers are enemies of democracy. I will, however, seek to find a way to share a recording of the event with you here at the blog. If you have an opportunity to attend you have your best chance to see all the candidates at the same time and compare their policy proposals and political styles.

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