House 5B Primary Candidate Commentary: Carly Melin

MinnesotaBrown offered a 600-word guest post to all the candidates in the House District 5B Special Election. The third in the series runs today with Carly Melin.

I am honored to have the privilege of asking for your vote for state representative next Tuesday, February 1.  

We have a long tradition of great public officeholders in Northern Minnesota.  I want to continue that tradition of working for the best educational system for our children and jobs for our neighbors.  With a good education, you can get a good job and with employment a lot of problems go away.

I am a Democrat.  I was raised as a Democrat and learned the importance of lending a hand to a fellow citizen and working for the best in our communities.  Running for public office shouldn’t be about personal advancement—it should be about contributing skills, talent, and hard work to make for a better Minnesota.  I’ve been lucky in my life to have a supportive family and a great public education.  I worked my way through law school and found a job.  Being a Democrat is making sure others have similar opportunities to find success in life.  I am a Democrat.

I am also humbled by the support I’ve earned from major organizations and individuals.  I’m proud that Labor has endorsed me–AFSCME Council 5 and AFSCME Council 65.  Former Senators Ron Dicklich and Jerry Janezich are supporting me, along with the President of the National Association of Township Officers Jim Fisher from Zim, Hibbing City Clerk Pat Garrity, Leah Stauber from Canyon, Jerry Davidson from Floodwood, and many others. I’ve also been endorsed by Minnesota’s Women Winning for my commitment to progressive policies.

Our leading generation of senior citizens deserves the best health care, good housing options, and access to services.  It is their time to enjoy retirement, not to endure painful budget cuts to services rural seniors deserve.  I will be an advocate for senior citizens in the Minnesota Legislature.

I will passionately support Polymet Mining, Essar Steel, and other new innovations in mining and natural resources to grow our economy while protecting our local environment. Support for renewable energy will be a cornerstone of my legislative work.  That means incentives for solar, wind, and biomass energy because it is proven that it means jobs for our region.

And now, Republicans want to cut unemployment benefits, limit workers’ rights to organize, and stop investments in infrastructure for our communities.  I’ll stand up for all workers, protect their union rights to organize, and support extension of unemployment benefits until the economy improves.  Specifically, I will support Governor Dayton’s bonding proposals to bring jobs to the rural economy through infrastructure investments in schools and cities while providing for new construction jobs.  I’ll work every day to diversify our economy.

You can read more of my positions on the issues on my web site:  You will find that I support mining and natural resource jobs, I’ll stand by hunting and fishing rights while promoting recreation, make sure our rural schools get a fair shake, seek a balance and fair approach to the budget, protect services to senior citizens, and fight against unfair property tax hikes.

Most importantly, you have my commitment to serve the public with integrity, passion, and compassion.

I wish I could meet each and every resident of District 5b and personally ask for your vote.  In such a short, two week special election campaign that is just not possible.  So thank you for researching the issues, giving me a fair hearing, and making an informed choice.

I’m Carly Melin.  Locally raised, publicly educated, and ready to work hard for you and the advancement of our schools and communities.  Please consider voting for me on Tuesday, February 1.


Carly Melin

Other DFL candidates include Jeff Kletscher, Ray Pierce Jr., Shelley Robinson and John Spanish. The Feb. 1 DFL primary winner will face Republican Paul Jacobson and IP candidate Cynthia Kafut Hagen in the Feb. 15 general election.


  1. Ms. Melin: as a DFLer residing in District 3B I can’t vote for you. But I am impressed with your positions on issues I care about. Best of luck!
    -Gord Prickett, Aitkin County

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