House. Barn. Housebarn.

Janna Goerdt has an interesting story about the last remaining housebarn near Embarrass on the Iron Range. Or, if you prefer, Frugal Finns have Fun, Functional Farms.

The housebarn is falling down now, of course, but additional Finns are trying to fix it. Do you follow?


  1. This isn’t the only housebarn standing in the states.

    This Housebarn, the centerpiece of the organization called Centreville Settlement in Cleveland, Wi, my mother’s hometown, has been in active restoration since the mid 1990’s. My mother was part of this organization. She helped by bringing food to the work days. Now she is 93 and in a nursing home.

    All the restoration is being done using old methods. Some people sign on to help just to learn these old skills.

    If you are able to do so, can you send the link I posted to Janna Goerdt? Thanks.

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