MPR: "Iron Range needs answers more nuanced than ‘jobs, jobs, jobs’"

Minnesota Public Radio published my commentary piece today entitled “The Iron Range needs answers more nuanced than ‘jobs, jobs, jobs.'” This is the second one and I think I’m going to try a few more because we all know what starts happening after the third date, am I right? This piece strikes at some of my common themes, but with some new language. “Jobs jobs jobs” as a solution to Rust Belt and Iron Range economic woes is not as simple as politicians make it out to be. Indeed, the answers rest not necessarily with a political philosophy but with people and creative ideas.

Take a look and recommend it on social media if you are so inclined. Poppy’s got to pay for this blog somehow.


  1. Where can I find the article?

  2. Click on the link in this post, over the title. That should get you there.

  3. Didn’t know how to contact you other than through your blog. I’m not computer savvy, I still read books mostly. I would like you to research & do an article on the new commissioner of MCEA, Paul Aasen. I’m concerned because he’s been tied to MEP- MN Environmental Partnership- which uses the Equal Access to Justice Act (allows non profits to sue companies & get legal fees paid for government). The MEP, shares the same address & suite as MCEA, received over 450,000 in legal fees to litigate against MN companies and the State of MN itself. The MEP & MCEA are involved with PolyMET & Nokomis Mining getting permits to start up. Neither appear to be helping the process fast track. To the best of my research, MEP is anti-business and closer to Enviro activists. Dayton’s appointing Aasen to head up MCEA does nothing to help jobs up here, I’m very concerned.

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