Sertich to be next Iron Range Resources Commissioner

The Mesabi Daily News is reporting something that’s been in the rumor mill around the Iron Range for weeks. Gov. Mark Dayton will appoint Rep. Tony Sertich to be the next commissioner of Iron Range Resources on Tuesday. Wisely, the MDN was granted an exclusive here. Later on Tuesday I’ll elaborate on the three big things this will mean for the Iron Range and Minnesota political world:

  1. What Tony Sertich will mean for the Iron Range economic development structure.
  2. What Sertich’s move will mean for House District 5B, a seat in the heart of the now-turbulent Iron Range political world.
  3. What Sertich’s non-run for Congress will mean for Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District as Democrats gear up for their 2012 challenge against Chip Cravaack.

Big stuff. To be continued Tuesday morning.

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