Winter Frolic 2011 means another medallion mystery in Hibbing

The annual Winter Frolic Jubilee kicks off this weekend in the Iron Range city of Hibbing. It’s loads of typical frozen small town fun. You can read about it at the Hibbing Daily Tribune, in a story that includes this nugget:

This year, local author Aaron Brown will pen the return of private detective Sal Winter as the voice of the treasure hunt clues.

That’s right. I hid the Hibbing Winter Frolic Medallion. The clues will run daily in the Hibbing Daily Tribune this week until someone locates the translucent disc on public land and claims the $1,000. I do not have and will never see the money, but as a writer I am comfortable with that. For I have never known such raw, naked power in my entire life as I have from my participation in this enterprise, which started with the introduction of Sal Winter last year. I shall feast on this feeling. Feast, I say.

I’ll share the entire serialized story after the Tribune has run the clues next weekend. If you’re a medallion hunter, buy your Winter Frolic button, bring your snow shovel and pick up a copy of the Sunday paper. I have written the clues in a way that will allow me to park my car and watch you dig for hours, for my amusement, and for little other reason.

Or did I?


  1. So, the Range DFL has annointed their next career political crony. All that remains is for the good electorate to mindlessly traipse to the polls and ratify their decison so that the coronation can take place as scheduled.

    Chicago pols would be green with envy at the ease with which they pull this off!

    (but … maybe not this time?)

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