House 5B Primary Election Night Coverage: LIVE BLOG

As of this moment the voters in the House District 5B DFL primary have spoken, selecting one of five candidates for nomination in the special election to replace Rep. Tony Sertich (DFL-Chisholm) on Feb. 15. We simply await their decision as results pour in from this large Iron Range district in northern Minnesota.

I will continue updating this post with new information throughout the night. Be sure to hit refresh, rejoin us from time to time from Facebook or follow my Twitter feed @minnesotabrown. I created a hashtag of #mn5b, if anyone wants to join in.

The Secretary of State results page is here. I’m hoping to get some fresher information from some city halls and county courthouses. I’m further hoping some of my friends on the ground can help me with tidbits and projections when they have information.

8:54 p.m.
Melin campaign manager Jason Metsa: “Direct mail works.” I’d say. I’ll be talking with Carly Melin later tonight. Congratulations to the Melin campaign. And well wishes also to my friends in the other campaigns. With no time, a good-natured campaign was held and now the next phase of this race begins.

8:52 p.m.: MinnesotaBrown projects Hibbing attorney Carly Melin to win Iron Range House 5B DFL Primary.

8:44 p.m.: Melin campaign has called to report numbers from their poll watchers.

Hibbing (all numbers unofficial from Melin campaign volunteers at the polling sites)

P1 (Kelly Lake) Melin 33, Robinson 20, Pierce 33, Spanish 1
P2 Melin 32, Robinson 16, Pierce 3
P3 (Irongate Mall) Melin 41, Robinson 53R, Pierce 20, Kletscher 4, Spanish 1
P4 (Maple Hill) Melin 57, Robinson 33, Pierce 37, Kletscher 1, Spanish 4

P5 (Lincoln School), Melin 140, Robinson 78, Pierce 30, Kletscher 6, Spanish 5
P6 Melin 57, Robinson 28, Pierce 27, Kletscher 1, Spanish 1

P7 Melin 42, Robinson 14, Pierce 15, Kletscher 5, Spanish 3
P8 (Kitzville) Melin 54, Robinson 45, Pierce 15, Kletscher 3, Spanish 7
P9 Melin 125, Robinson, Pierce 21, Kletscher 4, Spanish 9
P10 Melin 206, Robinson 113, Pierce 32, Kletscher 12, Spanish 11M, 113R 32P, 12K, 11 Sp

P11 Melin 205, Robinson 172, Pierce 42, Kletscher 7,

Chisholm: Melin 354, Robinson 242, Pierce 39, Kletscher 13, Spanish 13

Other notables: 
Solway: Melin 62, Robinson 7, Kletscher 4, Pierce2

8:35 p.m.: Kletscher gets his moment with a crushing 87-9 win over Melin in Floodwood. Melin still leads overall.

8:30 p.m.: Similar numbers in McDavitt Township and Cotton for Melin. She will carry the townships. This means Robinson and Pierce have to score big in Hibbing and Chisholm. Many more votes there than in the townships.

8:26 p.m.: Fredenberg Township: Melin 27, Pierce and Kletscher 5 apiece, Robinson 3. A small number of votes from the far southern part of the district. Significant for Melin’s unexpected strength here. Almost surely means Kletscher doesn’t have the numbers for tonight. He needed big, big numbers here.

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