Packed hall, civil talk, a few sparks for 5B debate in Hibbing

Candidates for the House District 5B Special Election on Feb. 15 participated in a forum last night hosted by the Hibbing Community College Student Senate. More than 150 people showed up, including supporters of Republican Paul Jacobson, DFLer Carly Melin and IP candidate Cynthia Kafut Hagen. The Duluth News Tribune‘s John Myers wrote a good summary of the event, and if you like the moving pictures WDIO (ABC Channel 10), Northland’s News Center (CBS/NBC Channels 3, 6 and Range 11) and Fox 21 all covered the event as well. Hibbing Public Access TV and students at the college recorded the event, which will be aired on a virtual loop in Hibbing and possibly Chisholm cable access channels over the weekend until Tuesday’s vote. The Hibbing Daily Tribune was there and is holding the story for later. In the primary the HDT waited until Sunday to run the recap.

I recorded the first part of the debate but then the battery died on the Flip Cam and I missed the last three questions and closing statements. This was, you know, the part of the debate where the previous day’s national controversy over a nasty state GOP mailing bubbled into the night’s most pointed disagreement. I’ve got everything except for that. (sigh). WDIO’s story probably best demonstrated the exchange. I’ll post a few of the videos later. I’ll try to get a complete recording from the students at the college to post tomorrow or over the weekend. Sorry for the delay. For all my technology addiction I make a poor AV Club nerd sometimes.

I’d describe the candidates as prepared and cordial. The audience was respectful and seemed very interested in what the candidates had to say. My students did an excellent job putting the forum together and keeping order in the busy hall. I don’t know what will happen on Tuesday, but we pulled off a good debate, anyway.

Northland’s News Center has embed capabilities, so here’s their piece:

(Disclosure: I am co-advisor of HCC’s Student Senate and consulted with students in the organization of this debate).

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