Here are a couple more items to tag onto my list of local news links for the day:

Rep. Chip Cravaack (R-MN8) has announced he’ll try to block the new ownership deal for Duluth-based Cirrus Aviation, saying that Chinese control of the company is a national security risk. Cirrus officials think that’s kind of dumb. Outsourcing our nation’s manufacturing capability is also bad, said nobody.

The former home of KDLH, the one-time CBS affiliate in Duluth, will become a Minnesota WorkForce Center, a one-stop site for job training and unemployment services. This is not ironic, because TV is immune from irony. Straight to camera. That just happened. The town’s CBS needs are now met by Northland’s NewsCenter, which runs KBJR (NBC) as its flagship and also the WB and other things.

The operative lesson here is that if you are ever in a position to govern over some kind of consolidation, be sure to call whatever it you end up with a “Center.” If you can combine that word with something else (“RangeBlogCenter”) you’ve really got all of this figured out, champ.

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