Electricity problems, fireball problems … brother, Minnesota has some problems

We drove to Grand Rapids this morning to bring our dog to the vet. The whole town and several surrounding towns had lost power after a Minnesota Power transformer blowout at 9:15 a.m. Grand Rapids is still without power here at 12:30 p.m. and could be for several more hours. We’ve heard from our son’s school that they are proceeding with the school day with natural light and no computers. 91.7 KAXE is the only Rapids-based station still on the air and broadcasting news about the outage and its effects. They have a battery pack that will last a few more hours as necessary.

Then we heard of the fireball in Minneapolis, an arcing tower of flames that scorched a city block and shut down I-35W, miraculously without any reported injuries.

Why does the news have to be so apocalyptic these days? I prefer my end times to be subtle and incremental. Maybe that’s just a Midwestern thing.


  1. Not a bang but a whimper…(signifying nothing???)

  2. And let’s just keep it all subcritical in the nuclear age! Yes, indeed, I’d say something is going on.

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