Environmental groups withdraw Range mining lawsuit

Environmental groups have withdrawn their $4 million lawsuit against the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board over what they believed was a premature loan to Polymet, an international company proposing copper/nickel mining on the Iron Range. The Duluth News Tribune has the story.

In essence, HF1 — the streamlining of the permit process signed into law by the governor — renders the lawsuit moot. Some have argued that the bill itself was a response to the lawsuit.

I could go on, but you would stop reading. Trust me, I would have made sure of it.


  1. The reason for the lawsuit is there are too many environmental groups who have a seat at the table. If you were to put an outhouse at a deer camp in the middle of Itasca county, someone would come out to inspect it…. I know it happened. It’s a freaking hole in the ground with plywood around it and our tax money is being wasted to have an inspector come to check our hole in the ground. The great news is WE PASSED, our hole conformed to local rules that I didn’t even know existed. Way to go for us….. That is problem with the “trees before people” people, too many of them in our business.

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