I wasn’t going to talk about Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Assemblyman who represents Superior was tackled by police yesterday trying to get into the Wisconsin State Capitol. 

Other places in the world have much bigger problems than Wisconsin, or really just about anywhere in the United States. We have it pretty good. It’s possible this was just a misunderstanding. But erosion of civility and the undermining of rights to speak or assemble in a republic like ours would look like this. This is not some crackpot protester. This is a sitting assemblyman trying to enter his office.


  1. The officers didn’t know who he was and looked to secure the individual and find out who he was. He would have been better off approaching security and informing them of the situation to retrieve his clothes rather than waltz into a recently closed facility…but hidsight is what it is.

    Why was he being followed by a cameraperson…kinda opens the situation up to speculation that it may have been staged to record this very type of event…

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