Iron Range labor community to hold solidarity rally Friday

You know it’s serious when they break out the fist art. Iron Range labor unions and political leaders are holding an “Iron Range Solidarity Rally” this Friday at 5:30 p.m. at the Hibbing Memorial Building, depicted in the promotional image at right. The Memorial Building is a big hall, so this is no small feat.

The event seems more than a rah-rah; rather, with setbacks for the labor movement in Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan, local labor leaders are trying to marshal forces.

Labor remains one of the central players in local Range politics, stronger here than in other parts of the state (and a frequent item of discussion in the comments section). Efforts to weaken public sector and other unions in Minnesota would have a huge political impact in the storied and historically significant Iron Range region. Many here seek to stop such a thing from happening, even to reverse the trend if possible.

On a personal note, it was nice to see these posters. My use of fist clip art back in college got me in trouble from time to time. This might even be the same clip art. Nostalgia, man. Powerful stuff.


  1. Seeing this fist poster in my hometown gives me the creeps!!
    Is it just me, or does this poster remind any one else of the progressive movement/the communist movement? Becareful what, and who your unions dues are supporting!!
    Do your own research as to where your union dues are going. As a union member you have the right to know!!


  2. My sister lives in another state where her area has similar tourist attractions (lakes and such), farming, mining, etc. But it isn’t a big union area. I’ve been able to compare the wages and opportunities we have here to what she and her family have there. I know where I’d rather live. Even the tourism related service jobs (such as cabin cleaning) here pay more than the labor jobs in her area. I’m judging by the “fruits.”

  3. What happened to the new civility? A fist is more of an an incitement to violence than most of the things that excited folks a few weeks ago.

  4. There is a reason union membership has dropped dramatically over the past 25 years across the country. When the union demands force the company to fold up and move or lay off a % of workers to meet those demands, everybody loses. States have workers rights built into their constitution, the need for unions have been diminished greatly the past few years. This is just a ploy to rally the base…. More socialists preaching the unity theme to the already converted, while collecting dues and making promises that can’t economically be sustained. I’m going to go just to see the circus and be entertained.

  5. Are you kidding me? A fist? Are we going back to the days of Stalin? Things are definitely getting out of hand with these union thugs.

  6. Ooh! A fist! The most dangerous of the… upper appendages! Puh-leeze.

    Fist = solid = solidarity.

    This logo has more in common with Hunter S. Thompson than Uncle Joe.

  7. A closed fist represents two thoughts, world-wide…anger and violence. But in these days of liberal civility, it’s better than a closed fist holding a 30-06.

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