Gone with the thrift store

Here is another installation in my occasional series on Iron Range newspaper classifieds. This one is from the March 31 edition of the Hibbing Daily Tribune, the only paper I know that’s run an ad for a lost ring right next to an ad for a found ring.

TO THE lady who bought “Gone with the Wind” movie at the Goodwill, could I please watch the movie one more time? Call Amy at [Number withheld].

There is a lot of humanity in that question. This is is hard to say and probably even harder for you to hear, but no, you may not. The world you inhabited, a life where you watched this movie at your leisure, while others brought in the cotton harvest, that world is gone. Don’t despair. After all, tomorrow is another day … And also “Gone with the Wind” is at the library, which is just a block and a half from the Goodwill.


  1. There are eight million stories in the naked thrift store…this has been one of them.

    I could relate. As soon as you give something to the thrift store, that’s when you develop a hankering for it. Perhaps Amy recorded something special on her copy that she wouldn’t find at the library.

    Books with inscriptions “To Billy from Gramma with love.” Wedding photos. The thrift store is the depot where castoff memories are sent, each with a story to tell.

  2. Very true, Susan. I guess I don’t know what the real story is. I just see something very bittersweet, or else the comic stylings of someone in my town I need to meet! 🙂

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