IRRRB to meet Friday; anger to be sustained afterward

The Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board meets 1:30 Friday afternoon at the agency’s headquarters south of Eveleth. Afterward there will be a press conference by Iron Range legislators to discuss several issues, most notably the economic development fund at stake in the legislative budget negotiations in St. Paul.


  1. If the IRRRB had a track record they could trot out and say look at all the jobs we helped create and all the good things we did for you, we would love them. Unfortunately, there track record is poor.

  2. Get ready for another outrageous grandstanding – Tommy will lead the way.

    I wonder if they’ll mention what they had planned for the millions they think is being stolen from them.

  3. Even if the IRRRB is inept taking what is essentially property tax revenue from certain locales for the benefit of the entire state is wrong, purely on principle. Even Rukavina is right at least twice a day.

  4. Unfortunately, what’s right & wrong in today’s social/political climate is a matter of opinion. The real issue is – Is it illegal or not for the legislature to have a say in how IRRRB funds are used?

    If it’s legal, what’s Tommy doing to get that changed?…in the meantime, tough luck. If it’s illegal, it’s just politics being played and Tommy’s slush fund is safe.

  5. >>Unfortunately, what’s right & wrong in today’s social/political climate is a matter of opinion.

    That’s a remarkably unprincipled approach. So nothing the legislature can do is “wrong” provided a court won’t strike it down? I pray we never reach such a debauched end as that.

  6. Sad to say, we’ve already reached that debauched end David. In large part due to changing definition of “principled”.

    It used to mean: “a standard of moral or ethical decision-making”.

    Look around, those days are long gone. What’s much more important now is being “politically correct”. No Christian morals or ethics involved in that.

  7. It’s moved past the right/wrong stage into the a single judge can decide for you stage. Look at California with gay marriage. The left leaning loons in that state surprised me when they voted down gay marriage on a ballot vote. A judge claimed it was unconstitutional and had the voted decision put on hold. Of course the judge was a lefty, I wonder what would’ve happened if gay marriage had been voted in and a conservative judge had tried to block it?

  8. Bring on the clowns, ah………. i mean, here we go again!!
    it is the year of the circus isn’t it???

    when will it really change?? i mean that for the whole country, not just northern Mn. it’s been a broken record for as long as i can remember, the only difference is every few years the record gets flipped, and sadly it’s the same song!!

    i know what i’d do, but if i type it out here, i’m pretty sure the FBI would be knocking on my door tomrrow. it wouldn’t involve just one, it would be them ALL!!!
    our founding fathers would be puking all over each other!!!


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