Major Range nurses’ strike could happen May 4-7

I was out of town when this was announced, but the Hibbing hospital nurses have set strike dates of May 4-7. The local members of the Minnesota Nurses Association authorized the strike April 15 against the Range Regional Medical Center over staffing levels, patient safety and opposition to the merger of sick days and vacation days.

Negotiations continue. Management is making arrangements in the event of a strike. It bears mentioning that nurses in some departments at the hospital are organized with the Steelworkers and would not be a part of this strike. Even though the Range is generally pro-labor, strikes like this aren’t always popular. It’s been impressive how well the nurses have handled the PR of this situation by focusing on patient safety.

We have friends expecting a baby any day now with a c-section scheduled during the strike period. Needless to say, any expectant parents would hope for an even speedier resolution.

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