Midwest Energy News sifts through "vapors" of reeling Range project

Today, Midwest Energy News posted a story from Minnesota writer Dan Haugen about the past, present and unknown future of Excelsior Energy’s beleaguered Mesaba Energy Project. I’m quoted therein, along with other Excelsior opponents and supporters. I hope you’ll find this to be a reasonable, balanced look at the history of this project and its attempts to stay relevant in 2011 as I did, though my opinion about this project is now well documented.


  1. If Mesaba Energy can find a buyer and make a profit, I’m all for going forward. If they can’t shut the boondoggle down.
    One word of caution about wind/solar up here on Range. I’ve sunk thousands into a wind/solar system, it doesn’t work. I’ve had nothing but problems and over selling by installer. The good news is I bought a great generator to charge my system and run house when system is drained. Bad news is it’s costing more to “go green” than hook up to electric company.

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