Range labor community to hold May Day celebration

Iron Range labor backers and DFLers will be holding a May Day luncheon Sunday from 1-4 p.m. at the Operating Engineers Local 49 Hall on Enterprise Drive in Virginia. This is the labor hall just off the freeway as you approach Virginia from Mountain Iron on Highway 169, or just off the 53 exit from the south. It’s being billed as a speaking and discussion event with several notable political leaders and potential 8th CD DFL candidates as well.


  1. It should be billed as the “we’re getting screwed, tax the rich, lets put our heads in the sand” event. That was the theme last month at Memorial Building in Hibbing. It baffles me to hear folks who refuse to change with the times, blame everyone for their problems except the very politicians they voted in and got them in the mess in first place. They’ll vote in the very people that’ll make it impossible to get the permits to mine that would pay them good money. They’ll wait for those “Green” jobs subsidized by the Govt to take care of them.

    When you promise everyone everything everybody gets nothing-
    The DFL motto.

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