Clark first to announce challenge to Cravaack in MN8

Former State Sen. Tarryl Clark has announced her plans to seek the DFL nomination in Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District, currently held by Republican Rep. Chip Cravaack. Clark most recently ran against Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN6). She is from St. Cloud, currently located in Minnesota’s Sixth District. Clark is a prodigious fundraiser and amiable candidate. Her residency and her loss to Bachmann will be her greatest barriers. The drawing of the 8th CD lines this year will be crucial to her candidacy.

I’ll have a write-up on this race later in the week. Clark is not the only DFLer on the list but she has the potential to contend for the nomination, particularly in a primary.

UPDATE: I failed to note that Clark and her husband have formally moved to a condo in Duluth. They will retain their home in St. Cloud, though are now residents of MN8.


  1. With all due respect she’s not a prodigious fundraiser. Any DFLer running against Bachmann would have been able to raise big dollars. People tried to argue Cravaack was a carpetbagger with only 7 years residence in the district. What does that make Clark? Uber-carpetbagger? She’s the least likely road to success for the DFL in the 8th District.

  2. Fair enough. I was going off raw dollars. She is an unlikely road to success for the DFL, but believe it or not we can actually do significantly worse. 🙂 (That smiley face is crying on the inside).

  3. David,
    Thank you for stating what I was thinking. Chip gets a load of crap for his 7 year residence, I bet we don’t read one thing about Clark and her 6 month residence in our local news. Our area is dying with the worn out policy of “workers good, company bad” that I’ve heard for over 40 years now. How about a change to pro business?

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